Shunned by a family of stray cats, Chad was forced to grow up in a loving home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., raised by two exceptionally kind parents who felt obligated to keep him. When not foraging for food in the dark corners of his Star Wars lunch box, Chad earned his keep by performing puppet shows behind the living room sofa or going door-to-door offering car washes to strangers. In hindsight, that probably wasn't a good idea. But then, neither was going into the bathroom at the community pool when the creepy old guy who always asked if you were signing up for wrestling next summer was hanging around at the urinals.

After raising enough money washing cars to buy a 32-foot stuffed animal snake, which he named Nessie, Chad set out to tackle his other life-long childhood dream of learning to ride his bike with no hands (also not a good idea) and meeting Daisy Duke at the D.C. Auto Show (she turned out to be a stand-in for the real actress).

Undeterred by life's subtle hints, Chad decided to dive head first into television. Literally. In fact, as a child, Chad believed if he could just get inside the television that he could interact with the characters on the shows. So, he took a flying leap headfirst from a rocking chair into the television set. A slight concussion and a few stitches later, Chad realized he'd have to break into show business the old fashioned way. And here he is today, still trying to get into your television.


Chad has a Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. He was a police officer in the D.C. metropolitan area and has over 10 years of law enforcement experience, having served as a police academy instructor, field training officer, investigator, and supervisor. He is a certified police firearms instructor and has trained with numerous local and federal agencies. A decorated lieutenant, he has received the award for Police Officer of the Year and Community Services Officer of the Year, among other commendations.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Chad worked as a bodyguard for many A-list celebrities and industry executives. Chad is the founder of Full Auto Films and has written, produced, and starred in several feature films, TV shows, and web series.